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Lazy mode ACTIVATE! But I STILL have one last paper before my 8 months holiday begins. Why did they HAVE to put the final paper on the LAST day of the exam period?! ;-; 10 FREAKING DAYS GAP FOR A MCQ PAPER?! MCQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the paper's difficult? :l Who knows. All I know is that within the gap I have 5 days worth of revision that will be done.

Aside the holiday announcement I shall start the 'One Word Challenge'. I actually started this with my friends irl during school because I ran out of ideas to doodle back then and I asked them for a word and attempt to draw something with it along with my OC, Koi>>>Koi Again by doggyfong007. Honestly speaking, I'm bored and my brain isn't as creative and drawing efficient as it used to be and I need suggestions... :iconorzplz:
It goes like this:
1) Give me a word and I shall draw Koi having to do something related to that word.
2) When you give me the word please do it in the form like this>>> "Dear Koi, do you (your one word)?" I know the grammar is off but that's how it rolls. :meow: Sometimes I might accept two words but let's make it a one word as much as possible please. I did "Adventure Time" and I used the acronym so try sending something like that and I'll see if it's acceptable or not.
3) It would be much appreciated if it does NOT have girls involved. I'm not being sexist or anything. It's just that I'm THAT BAD at drawing girls... :iconinucryplz:
4) No NSFW stuffs please! I may be of legal age but my mind still can't handle them. :l And some other things that I can't draw which I had forgotten about.

Here are some examples:
Dear Koi, do you Pokemon? by doggyfong007 Dear Koi, do you Freedom? Or do you cannibal? by doggyfong007Dear Koi, do you Basilio? by doggyfong007
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A girl who loves to draw but only to fit self into that certain fandom she is obsessed about.
A great artist who is great at messing up the body proportions. :iconinumeowplz:
Will be encountering a bunch of life changing exams soon so not much drawings to be posted here. Does not even post art here that regularly anyways. :iconinushiftyplz:
Even if I do, most of them are messy sketches and doodles.

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